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What is the "kids2sit"?

  A seat that can be placed in the carrycot of a pram
to carry both infant and toddler at the same time
without any trouble. This way you are able to move
freely and more important safely.


The advantages at a glance

Why the "kids2sit"?

One pram – two children. Place your child on
your pram and move freely and safely.

Both children are facing your direction.

Due to the specific tunnel shape of the
seat, the infant does not lose space or
freedom of movement.

The ergonomic design of the „kids2sit” with
its embedded seat shell provides a comfortable
and safe support for the infant.

The additional handle and seat belt guarantee
the safety of the infant on the pram.

The seat can remain in the carrycot while the
pram is folded up. The exceptional flexibility,
the small weight and especially the stability are
the seat’s outstanding characteristics.
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