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Step 1 - Seat open

Step 2 - Seat in carrycot

Step 3 - Infant in carrycot

Step 4 - Child on invisible "kids2sit"

The usage is foolproof!

At a glance

Unfold the sides of the seat and fasten it by turning the knob located on the inner side of the seat.



Thread the belts through the slits in the side walls
of the seat and place the seat - with opened
carrycot - at the bottom end.

Tighten the threaded belts to fix the seat to the
desired width.

Now place the infant in the carrycot and close it.
This provides an additional padding to the seating
surface. The "kids2sit" is disappeared!



The child can now be placed on the carrycot or to be
more precise the hidden "kids2sit". The child can
hold on to the handle bar of the pram, or to a
separate handle that can be installed.

Furthermore it is possibility to fasten the child in a
harness.  This prevents the infant from falling off
the pram or from lying on the infant.

It is impossible for the "kids2sit" to top over in the
carrycot, as the seat is stabilized sidewise with
flexible walls. Additional stability is granted through
the weight of the child that is sitting on top of it.

It's very easy o put away - unfold the seat!

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